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VI Shooting Medals

Photo of a group of people holding medals and smiling at the camera at the shooting club Our VI Shooting Group meet twice monthly at the Chantry Rifle and Pistol Club, Bramley, Rotherham.

The group has been very popular and is well supported by the club who have volunteers on hand to work with our clients.

Just before Christmas the group met for a celebration of how far they have come over the year. 

The results were based on the clients’ average shooting scores throughout 2023. To qualify they had to have attended at least 10 times. The photo here shows the group with their actual gold, silver and bronze medals (and chocolate medals - it was Christmas after all!) Very well done to everyone! 

Stuart S from the club tells us "Our VI shooters enjoyed their last session of the year. Snacks were provided and expertly presented with tea and coffee by Jim our Irish entertainer and catering manager.

All scores were recorded throughout the year, scoring done by mathematicians Gary and Trevor. The results were based on total score and number of visits. There were two categories: Optical and Audio.

For anyone who doesn't know the audio system, the rifle is fitted with an electronic device that is calibrated to a receiver, attached to the shooting frame. As with car reversing sensors, the closer the shooter gets to the centre of the target the higher the frequency. It sounds easy, but also appreciate that the shooter is in a standing position and the rifle stand is on a spring base - it is certainly a challenge!

The audio shooters are achieving great scores at 10m. Scores of 50 are being shot (5 shots). We will have to think about using smaller targets. These shooters were expertly guided by Pete, Andrew John and Rod.

The optical shooters are partially sighted with limited and varying degrees of vision. A hovering Terry was on hand to see that the rules were strictly adhered to and to give advice on MOI. A few shooters now have their own rifles and at 20yds are achieving great scores - nudging the high nineties. 

As ever the charismatic Stuart W ensured everyone had a good time.

A huge thank you to all those volunteers who give up their time twice a month and for those who pop in when they can. 

Looking forward to another great year."

Our thanks to the club for all their support and for helping to make this such a popular group. Anyone wishing to have a go, just get in touch on or call 0114 272 2757.

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