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There are a nunber of myths that have grown up around sight loss and people registered as blind or partially sighted. We will do our best to explain and clarify them.

Myth: Registered blind means that people have no sight at all.

Reality: Only 2% of blind people have no sight at all; most have some level of vision even if only being able to distinguish between dark and light. Many will still have functional peripheral vision or central vision.

Myth: Blind and Partially Sighted people don’t work.

Reality: Many people with sight loss have a huge variety of careers. Here are just a few examples of some our clients’ careers:

  • Board Members
  • Call Handlers
  • Directors
  • IT Specialists
  • Managers
  • Marketing
  • Musicians
  • Police
  • Social Workers
  • Accountants
  • Solicitors
  • Hairdressers
  • Aromatherapists

Myth: Blind and Partially Sighted people can’t read.

Reality:There are many ways that people can access information dependent upon their eye condition. For example:

  • Computer software that enlarges the screen.
  • Audio software packages.
  • Large print text.
  • Audio books and newspapers.
  • Braille.
  • E-book readers.

Myth: Blind and Partially Sighted people don’t take part in cultural activities.

Reality: Many cultural organisations have audio descriptions and alternative interpretations for exhibitions, museums theatre performances, films etc.

Myth: Blind and Partially Sighted people can’t take part in sports.

Reality: There is a huge range of sporting activities that Blind and Partially Sighted people can take part in. Just look at our Sports and Leisure Activities section to name a few!

Myth: Blind and Partially Sighted people people can’t lead an active life.

Reality: Just take a look at our Inspirational People section to help dispel that myth!

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