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SRSB is dedicated to providing accessible information for blind and partially sighted people.

SRSB Newsletter

Image is a photo of 4 different coloured newsletters for the 4 different seasons they are sent out: orange for autumn, red for winter, yellow for spring, blue for summer

Our Insight quarterly newsletter, including updates, stories, latest fundraising news and other relevant information is sent to our cleints in various formats. This is sent in the reader's preferred format. ‘Read More’

Sheffield Talking News

Photograph of Sheffield Talking News volunteer

This is a separate charitable organisation which uses our Centre to record and distribute a weekly newspaper and monthly magazine in audio format on memory stick.‘Read More’

Photograph of Talking Book Daisy Player SRSB can advise on the various Audio Book services that are available. For further information please contact us on 0114 272 2757.

British Wireless for the Blind Fund

British Wireless for the Blind fund logo SRSB is the local agent for British Wireless for the Blilnd Fund which makes radio/CD/Cassette players available on free loan subject to certain criteria. ‘Read More’

Braille Transcription

Photograph of braille being read by 2 hands SRSB can organise for print documents to be transcribed into braille. ‘Read More’ 

Tactile Diagrams

Photo of tactile floor plan SRSB can produce tactile diagrams from print documents to assist organisations when they need to deliver graphical content to people with sight problems. ‘Read More’


Photo of a group of someone abseiling down the Hallam Uni building

We'd love you to join our amazing team of abseilers in June

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Photograph of a meeting in the centre

Please visit our Client Events page for all the latest telephone, online and in person events

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