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Rotherham VI Shooting

Photo of someone target shooting

Chantry Rifle and Pistol Club, Bramley, Rotherham. 

10am to 12pm

Twice monthly acoustic shooting sessions. Please check Client Events page for upcoming dates. 

Booking essential, some transport available. Just call us on: 0114 272 2757 or email to find out more, or to put your name down. 

Another of our very popular and successful activities, Rifle Shooting is held at Chantry Rifle and Pistol Shooting Club near Rotherham.  On a professional range with competition targets, visually impaired and blind participants shoot air rifles and pistols under expert coaching and safety supervision from the club. 

There are two types of set up we use. One is with an optical sight and the other set up is for people with very limited or no sight, using an acoustic sight. The acoustic rifle and target have sensors which feed sound into headphones that you wear and if you are on the target square you will hear a low tone, and then the closer you get to the centre of the target, the higher the pitch will sound. You may want an enabler to hint at where you need to aim, but once you get used to it, you can get very accurate at locating that high tone and hitting the target yourself. 

The group and the volunteers at the club are friendly, refreshments are available, and these sessions are very sociable and inclusive.  Age or gender is irrelevant to VI shooting, and there are opportunities to develop and compete.

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