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Testimonials from our Supporters

Quote from Phil, who attends our regular Pub Quizzes 

Photo of Phil at SRSB

"My partner and I have been going to the pub quiz at the Old Queens Head, which is organised by SRSB, for the last few years. We team up with our archery friends Les and Janet to make The Archers. It’s nice to get together and give our brains a workout while having fun at the same time. Our general aim is to try and improve our score from the previous one. The atmosphere is always friendly and the halftime food is always good. Hopefully we can get back to our usual pastimes before the end of the year."  (Phil gave us this comment during the 2020 Lockdown)

Quote from Diane, whose mum Gladys won a prize in one of our competitions in 2018 

 Photograph of Gladys

"Just a little note to say thanks for the raffle prize my mum Gladys won, I took her today to Leopold Hotel for afternoon tea and it was lovely! Afterwards we went for a walk around the Christmas market and then home on the tram; Mum had a great time. 

And just to say that I appreciate all that you do for her when she attends the day centre. She has met some great friends there." 


Quote from Steve and Sarah who took part in our Skydive in 2017

 Photogrpah of Steve doing the skydive

"The most amazing experience you can ever have. As somebody who is registered severely sight impaired the sensations that you get are out of this world. The wind, the noise and the racing heart all go to making it absolutely brilliant.

Sarah, who is also severely sight impaired, and I did the tandem skydive strapped to instructors to help raise funds for the Rotherham Sight and Sound (RSS) minibus appeal. RSS is a division of SRSB and is a new sensory service in Rotherham for both the visually impaired and the hearing impaired. Anybody wishing to make a donation please visit: JustGiving, call RSS on 01709 722420 or see Sue or Jane at SRSB and just mention the skydive event. Sensory impairment can make people isolated and lonely so we want to be able to reach those members of the community and bring them to the new centre and take them out on trips as we do in Sheffield.

When we arrived at Skydive Hibaldstow everything went as smooth as clockwork due to the first class booking service and all the information given beforehand. Our first jump date in September unfortunately had to be cancelled due to lightning and bad weather over the airfield.

This time, things ran smoothly and the weather was OK so we were able to jump. Massive thanks must go to our instructors Baldrick and Andy who were very professional but funny as well ......... calming our nerves LOL

The girls in reception came out and looked after our Guide Dogs, Evie and Hannah, which allowed our “supporters” to take photos although I think they just wanted to make a fuss of them. The dogs I mean LOL

The whole experience was amazing and we are thinking of doing it again next year, hopefully with other friends and group members, as the feeling you get is out of this world. You have to experience it to get the adrenaline rush !!!!!!!!!!!!

5 star service all round


Quote from Ruth and Amy who took part in our Skydive in 2015

Photograph of Ruth doing her Skydive 

Ruth: "The Skydive was an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience; I would highly recommend giving it a go! I chose to do the skydive to challenge myself to try something different and to raise money for SRSB. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous on the way up but it was totally worth it for the adrenaline rush on the way down – it makes you want to do it again! I am really pleased that I did it and would definitely recommend others giving it a go!"

Amy: "The Skydive was such an incredible experience; I will never forget how exhilarating it felt or how beautiful everything looked up there! It is fantastic that I got to experience something so amazing and at the same time was able to raise money for SRSB, a charity that means so much. I am so pleased that I took the challenge and would recommend it to everyone!"


Quote from Val who won a prize for her Sheffield Stays In event in 2015

 Photograph of SRSB supporter Val

"The week before Christmas my husband and I took a break from the hullabaloo of Christmas preparation and went for an overnight stay at the Village Urban Inn, South  Leeds - courtesy of SRSB!  It was our prize for raising funds for SRSB in the annual Sheffield Stays In event - we held a "Yorkshire Neet Aht" for a group of friends, it's thanks to them for the continued support they give us. 

At the hotel, we were warmly welcomed by the reception staff and settled in to our modern, spacious comfortable accommodation, a bit of R & R and a coffee in front of an open fire was in order before we donned our glad rags for the evenings Michael Buble Tribute. 

The function room for the tribute  was pleasantly decorated, and along with another 150 or so people we enjoyed our festive evening meal. Following the meal we relaxed to the sounds of the entertainer - a lookalike/soundalike Michael Buble.  He sang for about an hour, both Michael Buble songs and others in a similar style. For the more energetic, guests could dance the night away into the wee small hours. Alas, we could hear the large comfortable bed calling us for a good nights sleep!

The following morning, fully refreshed, we head to the restaurant for our "full english" - all set up for the day ahead we check out and return home to continue with Christmas preparations! 

All in all, we had a great time - Thanks to SRSB, Village Urban Inns and our group of friends. 

Ideas are already whirling round my head for the 2016 Sheffield Stays In event ............."

Quote from Jane who regularly attends our Pub Quizzes with her daughter Sarah.

Jane and Sarah at one of the the Pub Quizzes 

"The SRSB pub quizzes are held at 'The Queen's Head' pub near to the Sheffield Interchange (or bus station as it used to be known) roughly every 3 months and it costs just £2 per person to take part in the quiz.

It is such an enjoyable evening and everyone is so friendly.The quizzes enable you to exercise the little grey matter whilst having a drink of your favourite tipple or coffee. There is an interval at half time and the pub provides delicious complimentary sandwiches and chips.

At the end of the quiz the triumphant winners are announced and rewarded and then we have a raffle to end the proceedings.

Why not come and join us and, you too would see what a lovely evening it is. At the same time you would be helping SRSB raise much needed funds."

Quote from Jean who won a meal in a ‘Guess the Time’ competition in 2014 

 Photo of Jean

Jean was delighted when she heard that she had come 1st in the Scafell Pike ‘Guess the Time’ competition. She won a meal for two with a bottle of wine at Le Bistrot Pierre on Ecclesall Road. Jean had never been to the restaurant before and spoke very highly of her experience:

“The food was fabulous, we had pork in a sauce that was delicious, followed by French bread and butter pudding. It was great food, lovely wine, great service and beautiful surroundings. I would recommend going!”

Quote from Dave and Pip who won a meal in a 'Guess the Time' competition in 2014 

 Photograph of Dave and Pip

David and Pip came 2nd in the Guess the Time Competition for the Scafel Pike Challenge, winning a meal at Ego Restaurant They sent us the following comment:

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the prize! We went for our meal on Tuesday evening and it was absolutely brilliant! The staff were incredibly polite and the service was fantastic. The food was also out of this world!"

Quote from Hayley who won an overnight stay for her Sheffield Stays In Event in 2014 


Just wanted to say a big thankyou to SRSB for the prize I won for hosting a Sheffield Stays In event. In July 2014 I had a garden party and raised £1,200 it was a fantastic day and I was hugely supported my my family and friends whom I also wish to give big thanks to. The prize was an overnight stay in Leopold Hotel in Sheffield with champagne breakfast! It was great timing as we celebrated my husbands birthday in September so we decided to do it in style. The hotel itself is beautiful and full of character, apparently it used to be a boys grammer school which I discovered my dad attended in days gone by! We were given a lovely room with a sitting area and spiral staircase to the bedroom. After revelling in all the luxurious freebies we had a lovely meal in Leopald Square it was great not to have to wait for a taxi in the cold at the end of the night. The morning consisted of a full english brought to the room with of course the champagne greatfully recieved my myself but not so my husband; not his thing apparently! Well I could get used to it but unfortunately we had to check back into reality. What a great prize it was though and I would recomend a stay there. Thanks again SRSB heres to the next event. Cheers. 

Quote from Eileen who won a meal in a 'Guess the Time' competition in 2013 

Photograph of SRSB supporter who won a competition in 2013

Just to let you know I have been with my friend for my delicious meal at Le Bistrot Pierre this afternoon. It was wonderful and please thank Eric and his son Fraser for doing the Coast to Coast ride in the time that I somehow managed to match. 

Quote from Victoria who attended our Masquerade Ball in 2011

Photograph of a guest at SRSB Masquerade Ball in 2011

In one word 'perfect'! Thank you for a lovely evening. Your team at SRSB certainly put together an excellent evening. The food and entertainment alongside the attention to raise awareness for such a good cause was enlightening. Also thank you for the attention to detail in regard to making my mums birthday so special.


Quote from Jill who attended our Masquerade Ball in 2010.

Photograph of attendee at SRSB Masquerade Ball.

"What a great idea  and what a fabulous night it turned out to be! An opportunity to get out our best frocks and and admire our partners dressed so smartly in dinner jackets and black tie, not a sight we see very often these days. Then there was the added bonus of trying to identify our friends and colleagues whose faces were hidden behind masks in a

myriad of sizes, shapes and styles. The food was excellent and with an opportunity to dance the night away, what more could one ask for, and raising funds for such a good cause too. Thank you for a great night out  - we will certainly be attending again."

Jill works as a Rehabilitation Officer in the Sensory Impairment Team at Sheffield City Council.


Quote from Sally, who took part our Walk for Sight in 2010

Photograph of SRSB Walk for Sight participant 

“I joined the SRSB Walk for Sight last June and had a really lovely time. Despite the fact that it rained heavily this didn't dampen anyone's spirits and in fact created a great sense of camaraderie! It also made the hot drinks and food very welcome on our return. I loved the brass band entertainment as well.

I was impressed by the care that had gone into planning every aspect of the event and the friendliness of the staff. It was also good to have a go at the visual impairment awareness exercise during the walk. This involved putting on glasses to obscure your vision and so gain a better understanding of the difficulties faced all the time by the visually impaired.

I liked the fact that you pay a very reasonable fee to join in and then have the option to raise sponsorship money as well. In the event I found that family, friends and colleagues had no hesitation in sponsoring me as it is such a good cause.

I will be there again in 2011 on 3rd July. I am faced with the choice of a 3.5 or 8 mile walk - either way it’s a stunning setting and the weather has to be better! I would recommend it to anyone.”



Photograph of a meeting in the centre

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