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Sheffield VI Snooker Academy

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Stephen Harrison Academy. Attercliffe, Sheffield.

Thursdays (except school holidays) 12 to 2pm.

A weekly session of professional coaching at Stephen Harris Academy.  

Booking essential. Please contact us on 0114 272 2757 or 01709 722 420 email if you would like to find out more.

Stephen Harrison MBE, pro player and expert snooker coach provides these very popular and friendly snooker sessions at his Academy in Attercliffe. The venue is a modern private snooker room containing four tables, including one three quarter size, two full size, and one fully professional competition table. You can play with friends, take part in related games, trick shot or competitive sessions, and get expert coaching to improve your game. There is an equal split of ladies and gents in these sessions, and a real mix of ages helping and playing together.

Using positioning, repetition and muscle memory, Steve will get you to use far more than just sight to enable accurate positioning, cueing and ball control on the table. You may need a spotter or enabler, but with practice and encouragement you will develop your own game to be as independent as possible. Our snooker sessions are fully inclusive, and Steve is an advocate for disability snooker, wheelchair snooker and also snooker for learning or development needs. We want VI snooker back in the Paralympics as well as alongside the regular game at the Crucible. Why not be part of it and have a lot of fun (and tea and cake) at the same time?

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