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Sheffield Crown Green Bowling

Photo of some people on the bowling green

Hillsborough Park Pavilion, Sheffield

Fridays 10am to 12pm

Friendly bowling group each week at Hillsborough Park Pavilion in Sheffield.

Just call us to find out more on: 0114 272 2757 or email  

Visually impaired players get a sense of skill, camaraderie, the benefits of playing outside, and usually lots of cups of tea! The group play at the pavilion in Hillsborough Park, and equipment can be provided to get you on the green and having fun with your friends in the outdoors. 

You have a spotter to assist you lining up and ranging your bowl, and sometimes a visual marker or person behind the jack to help you to find the right line. People with low mobility or low / no sight can get a lot out of playing and players tend to become quite competitive the more they play! In winter there may be options for indoor bowls to keep your skills active. This activity also goes well with Curling, some of the skills are very similar.
Photo of a group of someone abseiling down the Hallam Uni building

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Photograph of a meeting in the centre

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