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SRSB Showdown

Photo of some people playing showdown at SRSB

Thursdays 3 to 5pm

SRSB's Mappin Street Centre

Showdown sessions each week at SRSB.

Showdown could be described as similar to air hockey and table tennis and its popularity is growing around the world. 

If you would like to join a session or find out more, please get in touch 0114 272 2757 or email 

Showdown is well known in Europe and is quickly taking off in the UK. It's fast paced, fun and requires very little learning to fully enjoy.  It's played on a table with a solid screen in the centre instead of a net. There's a gap under this screen where a ball can get underneath from one end to the other. The goals are like on an air hockey or table football table. The ball has a rattle in it so you can hear it clearly, and there's a paddle to hit the ball with, which is unpadded and looks a bit like a mini cricket bat. That’s Showdown!

This is aiming to be a new Paralympic sport so there are rules and a referee / scorer to keep things going smoothly. Showdown was designed specifically as a visually impaired and blind activity, and once you have tried it you will know why is so popular! Our sessions are relaxed and sociable, but also fun and noisy. All ages can atke part.

Photo of a group of someone abseiling down the Hallam Uni building

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