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Many organisations are placement providers or support organisations who work with disenfranchised groups.  The time and length of the placements vary depending on the provider’s criteria; they can range from two full weeks to one day a week for up to 3 months, to on-going one day a week. The placements are to support individuals to gain skills, knowledges and experience helping them to get back into the workplace. 

Some of the organisations we work with are BTCV, Bridge Employment, Citizenship First, CTS Training and Remploy.

One person that we had on placement applied for one of the job vacancies that we had and was successful.  This was thanks to the abilities and potential shown whilst being on placement at SRSB.  Another person that we had on placement who had previously only ever worked in the construction industry went on to work as a care assistant and was soon promoted to a team leader.  He said that without SRSB seeing some potential and allowing him to do a placement with us he wouldn’t have gone into the caring profession – and he loves it!

For further information please contact us either by email or Tel: 0114 272 2757.

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