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Meet the Team Amy

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“Hi, I’m Amy. I have recently joined the SRSB/RSS team and what a privilege it is to be a part of. I have been here since the end of August, based at Rotherham Sight & Sound. My job role is Deaf/Blind Coordinator, and most people will be wondering what this role involves. Well, the role is to support people with a hearing impairment and see what I can do to help bring barriers down within the clients’ home. I see people that have been referred to us, either by themselves, via professionals or family members.

"I look at each person’s needs and understand the challenges that a person with hearing impairment faces on a daily basis. This may be answering doors, knowing if there is fire or smoke being detected within the home or struggling to hear devices such as TV’s, mobile phones and many more.
"I find great pleasure in helping clients find solutions that will enable them to live more comfortably.
"I have met such lovely people during my assessment visits and within the service who really appreciate the work we do here at SRSB/RSS.
"I look forward to meeting anyone I haven’t met already."
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