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Equipment Update from Rob

Photo shows several pairs of sunglasses on a table with sunlight shining through Did you know that our Equipment Centre can order UV Shields (sunglasses) in many combinations of style and colour?

You may know that the standard UV shields are amber or grey made of a hard brittle plastic that is prone to cracking or breaking. But do you know that there are different frame styles and many lens filter colours that may be more appropriate to your eye condition such as the plum or red/orange. Both of which are described as calming by some of our clients, however, each are very different if you try them.

We can get all the colours in all the frames some with variable sizes and adjustments. All frames have to be ordered individually normally taking 3 or 4 days but if popular may take 6 weeks. At the time of writing this article, prices vary from £7.95 to £75.00 Depending on frame style and filter.  All prices may vary. 
Please contact Rob in the Equipment Centre 0114 272 2757 if you would like to know more or you can pop in to our centre on Mappin Street in Sheffield (Mon to Fri, 8:30am to 4:30pm) to try samples that we have in stock prior to ordering so that you can work out which might be best for you.
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