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Glaucoma Awareness Week

Glaucoma Awareness Week logo Glaucoma Awareness Week takes place on 28 June to 4 July 2021 and this year’s theme is family and loved ones. Glaucoma UK's website has lots of information about this disease.
The aims with this year's theme are:

Firstly, they’re raising awareness of the family link with the disease. Did you know that someone has at least a four-times higher risk of developing glaucoma if they have a close blood relative who has it? So, if you have glaucoma, you should tell your relatives as they need to have their sight tested regularly. 

Secondly, They’re starting a conversation about how we can support family members who are caring for someone with glaucoma. When someone you care about is diagnosed with glaucoma, our support services and information resources can help you understand the disease better.  

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