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Bank Cash Machines (ATMs)

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Bank Cash Machines (ATMs)

Barclays Bank, the first major bank to sign up to the RNIB ‘Make Money Talk’ campaign has fulfilled its commitment and now more than 75 per cent of its ATMs "talk." Blind and partially sighted people can now take along their earphones and plug them into one of more than 3,000 Barclays speech enabled ATMs, and access their money.

To use the new technology customers need to plug in a set of earphones to the audio jack and privately listen into the options that will be read out. People will be given several choices and asked to press the appropriate option on the key pad. For instance, a customer may be asked to press ‘one’ to select cash withdrawal and ‘two’ to select balance enquiry. On each key pad the 'five' has a raised dot which enables people with sight loss to navigate the key pad. To find out the location of your nearest machine visit Barclays website.

We can tell you that most Sheffield branches of Barclays have a talking cash machine and Barclays cash machines at supermarkets also talk. You just need to take with you your own headphones which have a 3.5mm jack plug (this is standard for most lightweight headphones).

And finally, although other banks have yet to make the same commitment to talking cash machines, remember that anybody can use a Barclays cash machine, you do not need to be a Barclays customer.










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