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Ministry of Sight and Sound 22/07/2024

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RSS Ship Hill Centre, Rotherham. Monday 22nd July 2024

2:15 to 3:45pm

This group is designed to bring together fans of all genres of music. It will provide a space to listen and appreciate different styles, share stories, discover new things and have fun! 

It’s hoped the group will be a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable environment to socialise with like-minded fans of music and make new friends and discover new music.

Musical tastes vary greatly so it’s important that we respect each other’s passions and tastes and as such the group will some ground rules about respecting different views and opinions. Whether clients are into Rock, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Classical there’ll be something for everyone. Music is a great source of entertainment and pleasure for many and its health and wellbeing benefits are well documented so there is a serious side to what I want to do as well. 

We'll pick sessions to focus on genres perhaps, have an album of the month and encourage people to bring and share music that means something to them if they want to. 

We can use the session to help clients understand how online technology can be utilized to collaborate on shared playlists and access music in ways that are easier than ever. It also has appeal across the generations and will hopefully encourage a diverse group of clients to attend and discuss how music has played a big part in their lives.

Please get in touch to book your place on 0114 272 2757 or email 

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