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Photo of Mel when she sang at our Christmas Lunches in 2019 During the lockdowns and restrictions, we have been extremely grateful for the continued support of a team of our volunteers. The roles they have carried out have been very much appreciated by our clients too. We are going to focus on these volunteers and want to say a huge thank you to them. As usual, we could not offer the range of services that we do without the support of all our volunteers. 

Mel is one of these volunteers who has been carrying out the role of Tele Friend all through the restrictions and lockdowns. We were very grateful that she took this role on to support our clients. Thank you Mel!

This lovely photo of Mel was when she sang at our Christmas Lunches last year. 

Photo of a group of someone abseiling down the Hallam Uni building

We'd love you to join our amazing team of abseilers in June

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Photograph of a meeting in the centre

Please visit our Client Events page for all the latest telephone, online and in person events

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