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Sheffield Blitz Project

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Sheffield Blitz 85th Anniversary 2025

We've been asked to pass on this information to our clients about a project around the Blitz in Sheffield:

The 85th anniversary in 2025 will celebrate veterans who were children during the Sheffield Blitz in 1940. They are looking to collate stories for an exhibition at the National Emergency Services Museum to tell the story of the Blitz and with new material and aim to expand the story and space there. 

In conjunction with Sheffield Cathedral the aim is to hold film shows on their giant screen playing the Blitz footage that was developed for the 75th anniversary. Sheffield Markets are keen to hold a weekend commemorative event at the bottom of Sheffield Moor encompassing music of the period, displays, re-enactments, period vehicles both civilian and military. 

Their aim is to have two wartime search lights on the evening to mark the exact time of the first wave of German bombers. They have kept the story alive for many years through the support of individuals, organisation and the memorial Trust.
The war time exploits of the Blitz are still very relevant to people’s lives, their families and indeed those who can recall the terrible times. Much of Sheffield was razed to the ground and as such is a vivid story of the City's heritage they wish to remember. It'd never be far away from people’s memories or knowledge but as time progresses those who were in the thick of it are fewer. The City wishes to remember, honour those who participated in its rescue services, its defences and inform younger generations of the impact that WW2 had on the City.

What are they aiming to achieve ?

  • Create a book BLITZ KIDS - collating stories they have and new ones from recorded memories and written versions, revamp and expand the Sheffield Blitz exhibition to create more content and context. With the support and guidance of SRSB they aim to create appropriate printed materials and apps best suited for visually impaired people and how best to develop the exhibition materials 
  • Hold a series of research events to record stories both written and recorded
  • Train volunteers in event management, interpretation skills, oral history recording
  • Hold a final event to show case the 85th anniversary
  • Develop film sessions with Sheffield Cathedral as part of the anniversary event
  • Collate oral histories from those with stories and memories for use at the museum and apps
  • Support a media and PR campaign to promote the event capable of reading to many audiences to learn about the heritage with new arrivals in the City, existing audiences such as schools so they too can benefit from the learning and participate
  • Develop an education outreach into schools to support a programme of learning i.e. local museums, visits to schools etc looking at the defensive circle
If you are interested in participating in sessions around this, please get in touch to put your name on a list:  0114 272 2757 or email
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