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Breakdancing Sessions

Cartoon of someone breakdancing

Any b-Boys/b-Girls Out There? 

Breakdancing Training Coming Soon. Start date TBC, but likely end of Sept.

Some of you may remember Nathan Gearing who visited our Youth Club once when his team did a breakdancing demonstration. He is still working on delivering breakdancing sessions with visually impaired people, not only for the enjoyment of the dance, music and exercise, but as a means of injury prevention for people with sight loss. In many cases people with visual impairment lose their balance and fall in unfamiliar spaces. A lot of injuries are sustained on impact with the floor, which is the result of momentum abruptly stopping.

Through breakdance you will learn to sustain your momentum when falling, therefore allowing the force of the impact to dissipate through your body resulting in a greatly reduced of risk injury through falling. You will also receive increased balance and spatial awareness through simple standing and floor based movements that are fun and exciting to learn. If you could benefit from becoming more familiar with how to use your body in safe ways that will increase confidence when a fall cannot be avoided then this 8 week course is ideal for you.

Here is a movie about Nathan's previous work at The Royal Opera House.

We are trying to gauge interest in this course. These sessions are FREE! Just contact Joanne on 0114 272 2757 or email to join the fun! The age group we are aiming at is 11 to 19 year olds, however, we are saying a min age of 8, and anyone above the age of 19 is welcome.

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