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New audio descriptions launch for Power of Stories' final month!

Rationale Method is delighted to be working in collaboration with Colchester + Ipswich Museums Service and Marvel Studios to provide the audio description for the three costumes from Marvel Studios’ Black Panther that are currently featured in the Power of Stories exhibition at Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich, which is closing on Sunday 24 October. 

The outfits of T’Challa, Shuri and Okoye featured in the ground-breaking film will be brought to life by the unique Rationale Method of Audio Description. The audio does not cover the entire exhibition.

Rationale Method’s multi-award-winning form of audio description is pulling out all the stops to enhance accessibility for visually impaired and sighted audiences. Visitors can develop a deeper insight into the finer details of each costume and become fully immersed in the emotive and poetic soundscape of the audio description for an accessible experience like no other.

Rationale Method has been working extremely hard to ensure the authenticity and energy of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is harnessed in the delivery of their audio description, and they created a Pan-African accessibility team to bring visitors a powerful accessible production.  

Their audio describer, Tashinga Matewe, was born in Zimbabwe and the musical score was created in South Africa by the artistic powerhouses that are Ushuthu. The audio description also features music by Lee Affen who is UK based and of African descent. The entire accessible production is brought together by Rationale Method’s director, Nathan Geering, who is also of African descent.

Nathan, originally from Ipswich, Suffolk, but lives in Sheffield now says: "It is an honour to create an accessible experience that captures the ethos of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther whilst maintaining its authenticity through this Pan-African accessible production."

Listen to T'Challa Black Panther Costume Audio Described.mp3 by Rationale Method on #SoundCloud

Listen to Okoye Costume Audio Described.mp3 by Rationale Method on #SoundCloud

Listen to Shuri Costume Audio Described.mp3 by Rationale Method on #SoundCloud

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Power of Stories is being promoted by the Head East campaign, which is raising the region’s profile as a must-visit destination for culture:
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