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RSS Music Group Visit Dalston

Photo of Anne, Kate and Mick creating music

RSS Music Group Visit Dalston (Hackney) London in Feb 2024

You may remember previous updates about a project that some of our Rotherham clients were involved in around the creation of digital music. They did a gig in Sheffield a while ago and then recently were invited to perform in London! Read about this experience in a story from Anne, one of the three clients who worked with Rian Treanor (local musical artist) and Bloc Projects in Sheffield: 

"Mick, Kate and I were driven down in a minibus to our accomodation and we were made most welcome by everyone. 

"CAFÉ OTO was the venue which is a daytime cafe, holding night-time performances, with live avant-garde music from free jazz to psych rock.good food. 

"At night it is noted for being the top place in Western Europe for alternative music. RSS group performed digital music. We had a standing ovation from an audience of 300! All three of us said ‘we can’t believe we are doing this’ it was surreal. 

"We set off 18 months ago doing digital music it was good to play for a couple of hours, but now we have venues to attend ha ha ha. We're ready now for our other bookings – one a festival in Oxford in August.

"Rian who introduced us to digital music, is hoping to set other groups up at RSS and SRSB."

Here is a link to a video from the event: Rotherham Sight & Sound live @ Cafe Oto 2024 (

This collaboration has been an incredible experience for everyone and we want to thank Rian and the team at Bloc Projects for all their support.
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