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Beware of TV License Scams

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We have received a message about one of our clients who had a phone call asking them about their sight loss and explaining that to get a free TV licence, they would need to see proof of their blindness. They said they would come to their home to view it. We just want to warn everyone that if they are at all suspicious about a phone call, please just terminate it. Unfortunately, as the BBC has announced they are scrapping most free TV Licenses, this may be an opportunity for scammers. Please be vigilant. People definitely won’t come to your house to check proof of your vision impairment. 

If anybody requires assistance to apply for the 50% discount for people registered as blind/severely sight impaired then please give us a call on 0114 272 2757 or 01709 722 420. Free TV licences are still available to people on Pension Credit and we can help you apply for that if required. 

Here are some helpful links to the Age UK website and also the TV Licensing website about scams and what to do.

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