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Tap Tap See 

Hey smart phone users out there who are either blind or have low vision! If you are struggling with day to day tasks such as reading labels on tins, items in your freezer or text on products around your home then fear no more people, there is an app called Tap Tap See that can assist your issues with printed text. 

Once the app has been installed and active and raring to go, it just takes a simple double tap of the screen then let the app do the workinstead of your eyes. The app will picture the screen and read back to you the contents you took with the app i.e. tomato soup on a red tin, washing liquid or non biological washing powder. The app does require speech programs for assistance to be running to read back the text such as Talk back and Voice assistant on an Android and Voice over on an Apple device. 

Trust me ladies and gentlemen this app could have saved me putting an apple pie in to the oven instead of a steak pie. Don’t think the apple pie would have gone well with boiled potatoes, vegetables and gravy lol (Darren blind staff member and client). 

If you want to know more regarding the app and its use do not hesitate to call me, Darren at SRSB Sheffield (0114 272 2757) or Tony at RSS Rotherham (01709 722 420)  or email for any additional information. Happy browsing guys and remember we are always here to help!!!

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