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Minibus Update

Minibus Written Off

We have been advised by the insurance assessor that our minibus, stolen by joyriders almost 2 weeks ago, is a write off. Whilst insurers will pay us the value of the vehicle it will not come close to covering the cost of replacing the bus. Finding a used minibus with the adaptations we require is very difficult so we will almost certainly have to look at ordering a new one.

Below is a poem written by one of our clients, June Swift, a member of Mappin Writers, expressing her feelings about the situation. This was actually written before we knew that the bus was a write off.

“Please Help” - A Poem by June Swift

One of our buses we use most every day
Some selfish person saw fit to drive away
Then smashed it up without a thought
To leave many users sad and overwrought
I hope his conscience if he has any
Does he realise that we need every penny
To help many people such as me
Partially sighted or who cannot see
To get us out to have a chat
It makes my day I’m sure of that
The damage is such we have been told
It could be weeks before it’s back on the road
So if you can to show you care
Please give a £1 or two or what you can spare


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