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We have been asked to pass on this information by our friends at Sheffield Talking News so that our clients are aware of the ways their service is still available:  

Volunteers at the local charity Sheffield Talking News (STN) are still busy producing news and other recordings for their visually impaired Listeners despite them being unable to send out the usual Memory Sticks. Editors are selecting articles from the local press online and these are then sent to and recorded by readers at home before being uploaded on various platforms.

STN have already recorded four editions of the Weekly News as well as a Magazine. A new edition of their ‘Out & About’ interviews is also due to be made available.

These weekly recordings will continue from home until Copy & Dispatch Volunteers can safely return to operate from the studio in Mappin Street.

The charity has been encouraged by recent statistics which show that more people are accessing their recordings by other means during the health crisis and wants everyone to continue to spread the word of where they can be listened to.

STN knows that many Listeners will find change difficult but hope that with support from family and friends many more can be encouraged to try another method of hearing their favourite weekly news bulletins.

STN can be accessed via their website – - various British Wireless for the Blind devices including the ‘Talking Newspaper’ app for smart ‘phones, Alexa, and on the telephone by dialling local number 0114 383 0345. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Anyone needing further advice or help can ring their Answerphone on (0114) 278 0440 or email them at to and a Volunteer will ring back.

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