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Dore Station Accessibility

Photo of tactile paving at Dore Station platform

We've been asked to share this information by Transport 4 All about Dore Station tactile paving:

"The tactile wayfinding paving at Dore station uses the standard guidance surface used on-street. This is not the blister hazard paving that indicates the platform edge. You might be familiar with this on tram and bus stops as a double width of paving tiles. 

"Due to the narrow spaces often found on railway stations only single paving slab wide paths are installed (this should also minimise negative impact on wheelchair users etc). Junctions are marked with standard approach outlines in national on-street guidance for tactile paving. This means that when following the lines of a path and encountering tactile bars in the perpendicular direction you are approaching a junction in the path. This explainer talks through the options/facilities that the junction indicates.

"Junction breakdown 

"When reaching the entrance to the station and starting on the guidance paving when you reach the first junction you can turn either left or right. 

"Turn right for the following in order of the junctions you’ll encounter:

  1. Help Point.
  2. Ticket machine and waiting shelter for Sheffield bound trains. 
"Turn left to access the Footbridge for trains towards the Hope Valley, Stockport and Manchester. The junctions on proceeding left:
  1. Leads to the base of the stairs.
  2. Leads to the Lift. 

"On both platforms the lifts are at one end of the tactile paving. To reach the waiting shelter or help point on the Manchester platform follow the path beyond the first junction. If arriving on this platform from the stairs, turn right, then take left hand turns to reach the waiting shelter. 

"Exiting the station means following an above route in reverse (more natural once you’re familiar). If a long-cane user you will find that following the blister edge on the ‘safe’ side means that wayfinding paving is an easy cane sweep away to find the exit route. Asking staff which way to head (or to put you on the guidance path and which junction to get to the lift/stairs) should help ease the journey to car park, pickup zone etc.

"Safety: Walking on or near the hazard blister surface on the platform edge is not recommended when arriving to catch a train. This is because express and freight trains pass at speed and the yellow safety line does not necessarily align with platform hazard blister on all platforms (this keeps a roughly consistent stepping distance to the platform edge). Following a guidance paving route will keep you safely behind the safety line when waiting for a train.

"When getting off a train, as fast trains are not an immediate issue for a few minutes you can either following the edge of blister on the ‘safe’ side, OR you can ask a member of train crew to get you on to the guidance paving strip and describe which junction to take for Stairs / Lift / Exit as appropriate.

Photograph of a meeting in the centre

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Photograph of a meeting in the centre

Please visit our Client Events page for all the latest telephone, online and in person events

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