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Student Research Request

University of Sheffield logo We have had the following request from a student at the University of Sheffield (Chloe D’Souza-Eva) to share this research survey with our clients in case anyone would like to take part. Here is the information:

I am a physically disabled undergraduate student at the University of Sheffield, and for my dissertation I am carrying out research with physically disabled individuals who have interacted with the police as a victim or witness of crime. There is a lack of research in this area and as a member of this group myself, it is particularly important to me that the experiences of physically disabled individuals are understood and used to inform policy and practice. 

The aim of the research is:
  • To understand whether physically disabled individuals' perceive their interactions with the police to have been influenced by their disability
  • To understand whether these experiences have impacted participants’ perception of the police and wider criminal justice system
  • To identify examples of good practice, areas for improvement, and policy implications

Who can take part?

Anyone who is over 18 with a physical disability who has interacted with the police either as a witness or victim of crime

What does the research involve?

There are two stages to the research. The first is a 10 minute survey to obtain information about participants’ interaction with and perception of the police. All questions are optional. The link is here: and the deadline to complete the survey is May 1st 2023.

The second stage of the research includes an optional hour long interview, conducted by myself. Upon completing the survey, participants can opt-in to receive more information about taking part in the interview by providing their email, which can occur in-person or online. This is entirely optional - participants can take part in only the survey, or in both the survey and interview.

What happens to the information?

All information gathered from the research will be anonymised. It will be kept confidential unless participants indicate they may be a risk to themselves or others.

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