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Our New Centre in Rotherham

Photograph of Rotherham Sight and Sound centre

Fittingly, on Yorkshire Day, we are delighted to announce that our new Rotherham Sight & Sound Centre has opened today. As we get up and running, the services will be developing over the coming weeks. 

After months of hard work to get this new service up and running, it will benefit people with sensory impairments in Rotherham. We are contracting with Rotherham Council to deliver a range of services.

We have already been working with a group of clients in Rotherham and are delighted that we now have a base to work from and are looking forward to establishing contact and providing support to people with sensory impairment in the area.

One of our new clients, Steve, commented, "I would like to thank your team who give their time and support unreservedly to the visually impaired community both in Sheffield, and now Rotherham. All in all the team deserve a big, big round of applause!!!"

We have an equipment centre selling specialist equipment to assist people with a variety of everyday tasks, a technology trainer to show people how to use computers, smart phones, tablets etc and we will be developing a cafe for our clients. The new centre will also provide a base for a variety of self-help, sports and leisure groups etc. Our team of Community Advice Officers will also be operating throughout Rotherham and using the Rotherham Centre as a base.

As this is a sensory service we will be delivering services to people with a visual impairment, deaf people, both hearing aid users and British Sign Language (BSL) users, as well as people with a dual sensory loss (deafblind).

Photo of a group of someone abseiling down the Hallam Uni building

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Photograph of a meeting in the centre

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