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3 Rings Plug

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We're really pleased to be able to tell you about an exciting new product from Award Winning local Health and Wellbeing company, Westfield Health.

If you worry about an ageing or vulnerable loved one every day but can’t always be there, the 3rings plug could really help bring peace of mind to you and your family.

Just plug a kettle, TV or almost any appliance into the 3rings plug and set the times when you would like the plug to check they are ok.

The 3rings plug will notify you, and up to 10 family members, when your loved one uses their appliance, so you get the reassurance of knowing they’re up and about every day. And, if no activity is detected, you will receive an alert, so you can check with them that all is well.

To find out more about the 3rings plug and how you can get yours visit  the Westfield Website or get in touch 0114 250 2000.






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