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Photo of Charlotte at SRSB Charlotte Malin is our Emotional Support Officer. She is there to help our clients to adjust to their sight loss, as we recognise that dealing with this often has a negative impact on people’s mental health and general wellbeing.

People can lose their sight for a variety of reasons, it could be hereditary, degenerative, the result of accident or other illness.
So people can reach a crossroads and need emotional support at different stages, for example when adjusting to sudden sight and/or hearing loss, or adapting to a worsening condition.

We have seen so many clients turn their lives around and develop a new path in life, but this is often not easy, so it is extremely valuable to have a staff member who can dedicate their time to this important stage in people’s journey.

To enquire about booking an appointment with Charlotte, please call 0114 272 2757 in Sheffield or 01709 722 420 in Rotherham or email:

Many people's emotional health benefits from joining in with many of our activities and events. They meet people in similar circumstances to themselves so they gain peer support and benefit from the social aspect of meeting other people through the various activities. Please refer to Our Services 

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