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Testimonials from our Volunteers

Quote from Amy who volunteers in the office for SRSB:


"I have been volunteering for SRSB for a while now. It has gone very quickly! I help to keep the Blindlife Blog up and running by collecting stories from people living with sight problems. I also write stories for the blog myself. 

Everybody here is very understanding, supportive, friendly and encouraging. I love every single time I come here. 

Before I started volunteering here I felt like I may never work again, because of my sight problems. All I have ever done is work with children so I have no other experience or qualifications. It is giving me more confidence with being in busy places. It has helped me accept my sight problems and feel comfortable with being open and honest about it. I have made some new friends. So many opportunities are open to me now, helping others with my writing and experience of sight loss, working with social media, I have been on the radio. Before I came here I felt I had no opportunities at all, now I have too many to choose from! I am loving trying a bit of everything. 

I wanted to volunteer here to help me improve my work and social skills. I had not worked in six years because of my sight loss and health. I thought this was the best place to start and I was right. It feels even better knowing that I am helping my favourite charity."

Quote from Steve who volunteers at fundraising activities for SRSB:

Photograph of Steve at the Yorkshire Half Marathon 

"I throughly enjoy supporting and helping SRSB in any way I can and during the past few years, I have run half marathons in my snazzy SRSB running vest, cycled on a static bike in reception and stood in most of the supermarkets in Sheffield with a bucket and a smile.

As a Sheffield resident I wanted to support a local charity helping local people, I know my efforts are not wasted and that the money that I raise in sponsorship or through collecting is used to help the partially slighted people of Sheffield.

I hope to continue to support SRSB for many years to come and if you are looking for a local Sheffield charity to support then join me and SRSB.

Quote from Hilary who volunteers with the SRSB Cookery Group:

Photograph of Hilary 

"I help run a Cookery Group for partially sighted people who attend the Activity Centre. We now have nearly 20 people who take turns to come along to the specially equipped kitchen to bake cakes, scones and pastries. Every one of them recently made and iced a fantastic Christmas cakes. The clients thoroughly enjoy themselves, which is of course the object, but I was unaware just how much fun I would have!  It is genuinely enriching to spend time with these people, most of whom are elderly and who have all such stories to tell. We do more than bake. We tell stories, we laugh, we’ve been known to sing and occasionally cry. I have learnt so much and get so much out of the experience.  I thoroughly recommend giving a little of your time. The rewards are huge."

Quote from Viv who is a client and also a Tele-Contact Volunteer:

Photograph of Viv on the phone

"I really enjoy coming in to the centre – I find that I get out more now and see more people. It is very rewarding talking to the clients on the phone, as many of them live on their own and they are really grateful for your call and often thank you for thinking about them. Sometimes it is quite moving.

I started doing the Tele-Contact in 2013 and really look forward to coming each week. I also feel that I am learning new things in an office environment."

Quote from Barbara, a client and volunteer at SRSB:

Photograph of Barbara at a store collection 

“When I first came to SRSB as a client, I also learned about volunteering and fund raising and their importance to SRSB. An Eye Health Awareness week was my first experience of fundraising and approaching the public. I was paired with a very experienced SRSB volunteer Eric, and !earned much from him, and since then from other volunteers, and a!so from members of the public. Instances that come to mind are; appreciation of care at SRSB's Cairn Home by the son of a resident, teenagers looking through simulated sight condition glasses to get an idea of a grandparent's vision loss, and interest in practical household gadgets for people with vision loss, plus making the public aware of the extent of SRSB's work open to everyone with vision loss, not restricted to people registered blind.

I was interested in the plans for a Mobile Information Unit and have started to volunteer there. I have been at several events to publicise the work of SRSB. Being a volunteer is both rewarding and enjoyable. I like the contact with other volunteers and feel supported and appreciated by SRSB's Fundraising and Community Engagement staff."

Quote from Margaret who volunteers at SRSB's Activity Centre:

Photograph of Margaret, one of SRSB's volunteers

"When I took early retirement from teaching I decided to do voluntary work. I came to SRSB as I had never worked with blind or partially sighted people before. I was very impressed to see how they coped with their sight loss. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. I took part in all sorts of activities. I called for bingo and did crafts. Since we came back to Mappin Street (following the refurbishment) and got a new Craft Room I teach crafts and try to keep everyone busy with new ideas. Years ago I taught Harold (an SRSB supporter) to weave. I am pleased to say that he still regularly produces sheets of beautiful weaving which we make to into many things – cushions, pegbags, oven gloves, draught excluders etc, and make a lot of money for SRSB. Christmas is coming and that is always a busy time with exciting new projects."

Quote from Bill who volunteers at SRSB's 'Mappin Writers' Creative Writing Group:

Photograph of Bill 

“I first became involved with SRSB after helping a visually impaired person onto a bus which made me think that I would like to help some more. So I looked through the Yellow Pages and found SRSB, called them and arranged an interview. I had not heard of them before, but volunteering with SRSB has totally changed my life. My role began by working with the DeafBlind Group and after 6 years I started working with the Mappin Writers Group, which I have been doing for the past year and I have found them both challenging and exciting roles. I can’t believe that I have been volunteering at SRSB for over 7 years now! How time flies when you’re having fun! Because of my involvement at Mappin Street, I also started volunteering at Sheffield Mencap, which led me to employment as a Teaching Assistant, which I find equally rewarding - all thanks to everyone at SRSB!

Joining the team at the SRSB is one of the best things I've ever done - Thanks for having me.”











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