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Volunteer Opportunities

We have a wide range of roles for volunteers, which are shown below. In addition, a volunteer role is sometimes developed from a potential volunteer’s specific skills or interests. As an example, Mappin Writers, our creative writing group, was originally set up as the result of a new volunteer’s initiative. Read more about each of the roles below. If you would like to register your interest in volunteering for SRSB please fill in the online application form or email us on


Activities Centre Volunteer

 Photograph of a volunteer with clients in the activities centre

This role involves working directly with our clients who visit the centre each week day. ‘Read More’

Equipment Centre Assistant Volunteer

 Photograph of client in Equipment Centre with SRSB staff

This role involves working directly with our clients who visit the centre each week day. ‘Read More’

Tele-Friends Volunteer

Tele-friends contact our clients on a weekly basis. ‘Read More’

Befriending Volunteer

Photograph of volunteer with SRSB client

Befrienders visit our clients to offer support, companionship or practical assistance. ‘Read More’

Tele-Contact Volunteer

Photograph of a volunteer speaking on the phone in the office

We aim to contact our clients by phone every six to twelve months with a courtesy call. ‘Read More’

Driver/Escort/Taxi Service Volunteer

Photograph of SRSB client getting out of a car

Transport is one of the biggest problems faced by visually impaired people. Volunteers help our clients to access a range of places that may be difficult for them to get to. ‘Read More’

Office Volunteer

Photograph of SRSB volunteer on the telephone Office Volunteers are a vital support to our staff, carrying out administration work. ‘Read More’

Sport and Leisure Volunteer

 Photograph of visually impaired walking group We need volunteers to assist with a range of sporting and leisure activities so that visually impaired people can participate in a safe, secure and friendly environment. ‘Read More’

Care Home Visitor

Photo of a care home resident chatting to someone 


SRSB operates a residential care home in Sheffield called Cairn Home 'Read More' 


Café Volunteer

Photograph of Cafe Volunteer at SRSB Volunteers assist staff in our Café VIP’s. ‘Read More’

Reception Volunteer

Photograph of SRSB volunteer on reception The aim of this role is to be the first contact at the main entrance for our clients and visitors to our Centre as a “Meeter and Greeter”. ‘Read More’

Mentoring Volunteer

SRSB logo  Mentoring volunteers will work with clients and/or their families on a one-to-one basis offering support. ‘Read More’

Computer Support Volunteer

Photograph of volunteer with client on computer We require volunteers who will be able visit clients in their home to help them with computer related problems which they are unable to rectify. ‘Read More’

Fundraising Office Volunteer

Photograph of office volunteer Our office volunteers help us to administer and promote our varied fundraising projects. ‘Read More’

Fundraising Event Volunteer

Photograph of an SRSB fundraising event Event volunteering is suitable for people who want to be involved in specific one off events. ‘Read More’

Fundraising Collection Volunteer

 Photograph of SRSB volunteer at a store collection Our fundraising collection volunteers help raise not only funds, but also general awareness of SRSB. ‘Read More’
Photograph of elephant collection tins Volunteers contact businesses where our collection tins are placed to check if the require changing. 'Read more'

Collection Box Co-ordinator Volunteer

Photograph of SRSB collection tins Volunteers co-ordinate collection boxes in specific post code areas of Sheffield. ‘Read More’

Fundraising Supporter Group

SRSB logo Volunteers would be part of a group who would organise activities or events on our behalf in their local area. ‘Read More’

To register your interest in any of the above roles please fill in the online application form or email

Photograph of exterior of Weston Park

We'd love you to help us celebrate this incredible milestone for SRSB. We are very proud to be one of Sheffield's oldest charities and plan to celebrate with style!

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Photograph of SRSBs Mobile Information Unit on Fargate

Our Community Engagement Team visit organisations and events across Sheffield and South Yorkshire to promote awareness about our services and about eye health

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