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How Your Contribution Could Help

Photograph of a liquid level indicator on a mug

£10 could fund a Liquid Level Indicator:

Liquid Level Indicators are a simple, but crucial device that helps our clients to pour a hot drink without scalding themselves. It sits on the side of a cup and bleeps/vibrates when the water reaches a certain level. This type of equipment contributes to a visually impaired person’s independence.

Photograph of SRSB client receiving computer training

£50 could fund a session of Computer Training for one of our clients:

Our clients have to adapt to their sight loss and IT solutions are now a great help, enabling users to access far more information than they could in the past. But because each person’s eye condition is different they need to select and learn the software that is right for them. Our IT service is dedicated to providing guidance and training, which is usually on a one-to-one basis. 'Read More'

Photograph of client receiving a Christmas gift from SRSB staff member

£500 could fund our Christmas Gifts:

Every year the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind is committed to delivering a token Christmas gift to our clients who are resident in care homes. For some people this may be the only visit and gift that they receive at Christmas.

Photograph of children at Christmas party

£1,000 could fund our Children's Christmas Parties:

We provide a Christmas party and gift for our younger clients. The parties are split in to 2 age groups The “Little Sparklers" pre-school group and the 5-16’s group. Children with a visual impairment struggle to fully participate at play centres with full sighted children, as it is often not safe for them to take part when it is busy, so we hire out the whole centre at a reduced rate for our children and their siblings. 'Read More'

Photograph of young cilent at an activity day

£5,000 could contribute to the annual costs of our Activity Days for children with a visual impairment:

Throughout the year we hold a number of activity days and outings for children with a visual impairment. 'Read More'

£10,000 would enable us to start developing a more comprehensive emotional support service:

We are currently only able to offer limited emotional support to people who are struggling to come to terms with their sight loss. 'Read More'

Photo of minibus

£25,000 could fund the annual running costs of one of our minibuses:

Having purchased a minibuses we then have to fund the running costs, including employing drivers. Our minibuses provide a vital service for many of our clients. They are out and about in the city picking up around 40 people each day to bring them to our Mappin Street Centre so that they can take part in activities, meet their friends and access other services. The minibuses are also used to take our clients out on trips and on other social, leisure and sporting activities.

Photo of Minibus

£50,000 could fund the purchase of a new minibus:

We currently operate 4 minibues, 1 at Cairn Home and 3 at our Mappin Street Centre. We need to replace these on a regular basis. They are all fitted out to suit the needs of blind and partially sighted people.


Photograph of a meeting in the centre

Please visit our Client Events page for all the latest telephone, online and in person events

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Photo of a group of people standing in a row wearing their SRSB running vests and cheering

We'd love you to join our team in the Sheffield Half Marathon in 2024.

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