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Latest Tram Works Update

This PDF file details the rail replacement scheme work which begins in West Street on Monday 7th July. (South Yorks Transport apologise that the diagrams may not be accessible but hope that the text gives sufficient explantion.) The yellow and blue trams will not operate from the Cathedral to either Middlewood or Malin Bridge while this work is going on. Replacement buses will run from Angel Street outside Argos to replace these trams - you would need to get off the tram at Castle Square to access these. Going out of town these buses will operate via Snig Hill, West Bar and Broad Lane. On Broad Lane the buses will stop close to the NHS Walk In, and near to St George's church (exact site to be confirmed as building work affecting this area). Coming into town the replacement buses will follow the tram route along West Street and we understand will only stop at the junction with Rockingham Street outside the job centre.  Tram stops will not be served as the pavement levels are completely different. The file includes details of the stops which will be served by the replacement buses.  If you need further information about a particular journey we would advise that you ring the Travel Line on 01709 515151. The work is expected to continue well into August. 

As well as the tram being affected bus routes will have diversions. The first phase (7-21 July) of this means you can catch a bus going out of town in the town centre and from Monday 7th these will divert up Trippet Lane and then come up Rockingham Street to rejoin the normal routes and stops along West Street. If you need access to stops in this area (town centre to Rockingham Street) we would advise that you ring the Travel Line 01709 515151. Buses travelling towards the town centre will continue to use West Street using the normal stops wherever possible, al though construction works may result in temporary stops being required for short periods. For access to our centre and ther places along West Street you are likely to be better using a normal service bus which will access normal stops rather than the rail replacement buses. 

As work progresses we will try to keep you posted about the ways buses may be affected, and the different diversions. 

We understand that the bus companies have been alerted to the extra challenges posed to visually impaired travellers and have been asked to stress the need for extra attention needing to be given to such travellers. 

We have tried to keep this information as succinct as possible and again we would ask people to ring the Travel Line for advice about particular journeys - they are on 01709 515151 

Works on the Rockingham Street to Fitzwilliam Street stretch of West Street are scheduled to start on 21st July and this will have an impact upon people using buses to travel to our Mappin Street Centre. We will post more detailed information in a couple of weeks time.

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