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Leaving a Legacy

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Your legacy will make a huge difference to someone in Sheffield who is struggling to cope with losing their sight. You don’t have to be wealthy to make a difference a legacy of any size plays an invaluable part in our work.

In 1867 SRSB received a legacy of £100 without which at the time the charity would have been unable to continue, so your legacy can ensure the future of our charity and help us to continue to support blind and partially sighted people in Sheffield.

Legacy donations allow us to continue providing life changing support to local people with sight loss. Your gift to SRSB would be exempt from inheritance tax, and further information on this can be found on the HMRC website.

There are a number of ways you can leave a gift to SRSB:

Pecuniary bequest: a specific sum of money.

Specific bequest: a particular item of value, such as jewellery or an antique.

Residuary bequest: what is left of your estate after expenses and all other wishes have been met.

Conditional bequest: a gift which is passed to charity, if the person for whom it was intended for dies before you.

If you wish to leave a gift in your will for a particular project, for example, a new minibus at SRSB then the best way to do so is to keep the legacy wording simple to the charity and add a separate letter of wishes. You can even ask for your name to live on in a project for example you could have the “Mary Smith Craft Room."

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