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Hand in Hand

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This service is to give a break to somebody who looks after or spends a lot of time with a visually impaired person. Maybe your spouse, parent, child or neighbour/friend has a sight problem and you worry about leaving them alone whilst you go shopping etc. If so then our Hand in Hand service is designed to assist you. Either we will arrange for a volunteer to stay with your loved one for a few hours or we may be able to bring your loved one into our Activities Centre. This will allow you to go shopping or anything else you want to do, without having to rush back for fear of leaving your loved one alone longer than necessary.

For further information please contact us on 0114 272 2757 or Email.

Photograph of previous event at Sandbeck

An exclusive event at the private estate of our Patron, the Earl of Scarbrough

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Photograph of SRSBs Mobile Information Unit on Fargate

Our Community Engagement Team visit organisations and events across Sheffield and South Yorkshire to promote awareness about our services and about eye health

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