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Concessionary Fares Scheme

National Express Concessionary Fares Scheme 

National Express have sent out information to people who have used their concessionary fares scheme for elderly and disabled travellers which is under threat as a result of government cuts

The scheme currently provides up to half price travel for over 60 year olds and disabled people through Government funding. You can find more information here.

The Government has announced that this funding will end on 31 October 2011 as part of its spending cuts programme. A replacement scheme is being considered but without government support travel costs are still likely to increase.

Some MPs have written to ministers at the Department for Transport to ask them whether they have considered the potential impact on eligible passengers' ability to travel.

If you share these concerns, perhaps you could write to, or email, your local MP to encourage them to raise your concern with the Department for Transport. 

If you wish to write to your local MP you can go to this address to find a link to download a sample letter:

Alternatively you can copy the text and use the Write to Them website which will enable you to copy the text into an email to your MP.

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