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Minibus Stolen by Joyriders

Photograph of damaged minibus with Steve Hambleton stood alongside looking very upsetIn the early hours of Saturday 13th August 2011 joyriders stole one of SRSB's minibuse from outside the home of the driver. Shortly after the theft the vehicle crashed into a lamp post which then fell on a parked car. The damage to our minibus is extensive and we are currently waiting to hear from our insurers whether it can be repaired or if it will be written off. Either way we will be without a minibus for many weeks.

As we use the minibus to transport our elderly clients to/from our Mappin Street Centre every day we are currently having to use taxis at a cost of £100 per day so the cost of losing our minibus for even a few weeks will run to thousands of pounds.

We have received some publicity about this and are grateful to BBC Radio Sheffield, Sheffield Star and Yorkshire Post for reporting this matter and the newspaper articles can be read by following these links.

Despite the inconvenience and extra costs we woudl like to reassure our clients who rely on our transport that we will still get them into our centre.

Any offers of assistance will be gratefully received.

Photograph of exterior of Weston Park

We'd love you to help us celebrate this incredible milestone for SRSB. We are very proud to be one of Sheffield's oldest charities and plan to celebrate with style!

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Photograph of SRSBs Mobile Information Unit on Fargate

Our Community Engagement Team visit organisations and events across Sheffield and South Yorkshire to promote awareness about our services and about eye health

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